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March 2, 2012


I was at yoga yesterday, which for me is either an enlightening experience or one that emphasizes how I am not as flexible as I thought I was. Thankfully, last night was an enlightening experience that inspired me to share with you some words of wisdom the yoga instructor said at the end of our practice:
“Loose the grip you have on who you think you are supposed to be. You aren’t supposed to be anybody – just show up to life as you are”.
In a society where we are all supposed to be like someone else or one thing or another: thin, young, athletic, successful, independent… it is always refreshing to hear that it is OK to be you just as you are.

This reminds me of a concept I once considered about the wasted energy we often use in order to try to be like someone else. If you are trying to be like someone else, who is also trying to be like another person, etc., then at the end of the circle someone is trying to be like you. Thus, instead of throwing energy into the circle that will ultimately end up with you trying to be yourself anyway, why not use that energy on yourself in the first place?

Yoga can be beneficial way to direct energy into yourself in a positive manner. Interestingly, there are yoga poses that specifically benefit you sexually by increasing the flow of energy throughout the body and positively benefiting the reproductive organs. And hey, extra flexibility in the bedroom can help you try out that position you always wanted to try but couldn’t.

Here are a few select yoga poses and their benefits that were offered by yoga instructor Meggan Brummer:

Warrior II – Increases your stamina, stretches the groin, chest and lungs and is therapeutic for infertility. 

Shoulder stand – Stimulates the prostate glands and abdominal organs, reduces fatigue and is therapeutic for infertility.

 Plough Pose - Calms the mind, reduces stress and fatigue and is therapeutic for backache, headache and infertility.

Although there are many other yoga poses that can help you sexually by increasing sexual energy and mitigating sexual issues such as erectile difficulties, the above are just a few examples to consider.

In the end, remember it is OK to be you and it is to your benefit to use your energy to directly help your body and mind rather than wasting it on who you think you are supposed to be. 

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  1. And at the very least, try to touch your toes at least once a day!